AMP 2015 Annual Meeting

Seymour_Lacey_20151106_9465On behalf of Asuragen, we want to thank you for visiting us at AMP 2015 in Austin, Texas.

At the 2015 AMP Meeting, our products and technologies were featured in 11 scientific posters at sessions on solid tumors, informatics, genetics, and technical topics. The breadth of these scientific outputs reflects our focus on delivering innovative solutions that address many current challenges in genetics and oncology.

Asuragen Scientific Posters

Solid Tumors

Jason Plyler Comparisons of Three Targeted Next-generation Sequencing Commercial Kits Using FFPE Tumor DNA Exposes Differences in Specimen Compatibility, Sample QC, Workflow, and Turn-around Time Compares and contrasts workflows, sample QC, and analytical performance among three sets of pan-cancer targeted NGS commercial reagents across a set of 60 residual clinical FFPE tumor biopsies QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit
Huiping Zhu, Ph.D. Digital PCR Complements and Confirms Low-abundance Resistance Mutations Identified by Targeted Next-generation Sequencing in a Pre-clinical Model of Acquired Resistance Using a Novel Mutant EGFR Inhibitor Characterizes emergent low-level EGFR mutations, and EGFR and MET copy number variants, by both ddPCR and targeted NGS and discusses precision medicine implications for variants associated with drug resistance. QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit
Brian Haynes, Ph.D. An Integrated System for Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing that Enables Simultaneous Analysis of DNA Mutations, RNA Fusions and Gene Expression in Residual Clinical FFPE, FNA, and Liquid Biopsies Describes an innovative method for combined DNA- and RNA-based NGS analysis in FFPE and FNA specimens from thyroid and lung cancers, and presents results from analyses with >200 clinical samples. QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit
Presenter: Dr. Ling Dong Collaboration w/ UCLA & GGC A Comprehensive Multisite Evaluation of the QuantideX® Pan Cancer Kit Yields Repeatable and Reproducible NGS Analysis of Low-Quantity FFPE Tumor Biopsies Presents a 3-site evaluation of the training, workflow, and performance of a new, commercially-available, targeted NGS panel kit with included reagents, controls, and bioinformatics. QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit


Blake Printy Automated Fragment Size Analysis of AmplideX® FMR1 PCR Products Improves Interpretive Accuracy and Reduces Turn Around Time Describes a software solution for automated fragile X repeat genotype analysis, including built-in QC checks, sample tracking and trends, and reliable minor allele detection, that was trained and tested using >1000 CGG profiles. AmplideX® PCR/CE FMR1
Robert Zeigler, Ph.D. QuantideX® Reporter: Push-Button, Specimen-Aware Bioinformatics that Integrates Pre-Analytical QC Data to Optimize Variant Detection in Residual Clinical FFPE, FNA, and Liquid Tumor Biopsies Discusses a standalone bioinformatics suite for targeted NGS that integrates wet-lab and dry-bench processes to enhance sensitivity and specificity for DNA and RNA analyses using challenging oncology specimens. QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit


Stela Filopovic-Sadic High-resolution Amplification and Genotyping Technologies for Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome from Single Cells Presents novel workflows for FMR1 genotyping from single cells for PGD applications using both pre-amplification and direct PCR methods. AmplideX® PCR/CE FMR1

Technical Topics

Sarah E Kerr, M.D. Collaboration with Mayo Clinic A Quantitative PCR-based Assay Shows Superior Reproducibility Compared to Fluorescence-based DNA Quantification: An Inter-laboratory Study Details the superior interlaboratory reproducibility of a qPCR-based DNA quantification and QC assay compared to a common fluorescence-based assay using 120 blinded samples. QuantideX® qPCR DNA QC Assay
Stephanie Bridger, Ph.D. CTC-Seq: Accurate Mutation Detection From Single Cancer Cells Using The CellSearch® System and QuantideX® Targeted NGS Panels Describes proof-of-concept for a CellSearch®-compatible protocol that enables accurate NGS-based mutation detection from 1-20 cancer cells. QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit
Kristen Culp A Competitive qPCR Assay Eliminates the Need for a Calibration Curve and Enables Streamlined Quantification and Normalization of Targeted Next-generation Sequencing Libraries Compares and contrasts 3 methods for NGS library quantification, including a relative competitive qPCR-based assay that does not require a calibration curve and offers a fast and simple workflow. QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit
Richard Blidner, Ph.D. Choice of FFPE DNA Isolation Method Affects Both Yield and Functional Quality and Impacts Variant Calling by Targeted NGS Highlights differences in function yield among different FFPE DNA isolation methods, including a novel extraction based on isotachophoresis, and discusses the implications of each on accurate NGS profiling. QuantideX® qPCR DNA QC Assay, QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit


Molecular assays for oncology disease testing and monitoring

NGS Workshop

Click here to watch the recorded presentation

In our first corporate workshop, we presented data from a multi-site evaluation of the QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit*. The QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit* is a kitted pan-cancer sequencing assay that provides a full complement of workflow reagents, systems and controls to analyze challenging sample-types with speed and efficiency. We provide everything you need for library prep as well as an integrated analysis and reporting suite. Watch the video recording of the presentation where we discuss a collaborative initiative to test the performance and ease-of-use of the kit and discuss new developments to our existing QuantideX® NGS technology for RNA sequencing.

Presented by:

  • Ravindra Kohle, MD, PhD – Asst. Professor of Pathology & Director, Georgia Esoteric & Molecular Labs, Georgia Regents University
  • Gary Latham, PhD – VP, Research and Technology Development, Asuragen
  • Adam Pond, PhD – NGS Product Manager, Asuragen

*Research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

BCR-ABL Workshop

Featured presentation by Dr. Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez, PhD, Chair, Molecular Diagnostics Division, Virginia Commonwealth University, describing work on the validation of Asuragen’s newest and most sensitive BCR-ABL qPCR Assay. The QuantideX® qPCR BCR-ABL IS Kit‡, demonstrates sensitivity of MR4.7. Please contact us to find out more information about this product.

‡CE-IVD. For US Export Only.

Product Launch


We also launched AmplideX® PCR/CE FMR1 Reporter*, an automated software system that reports accurate sizing of the FMR1 CGG repeat region directly from raw capillary electrophoresis data using our very own AmplideX® PCR/CE FMR1 Reagents* and workflow. This technology produces accurate and reliable interpretation of results in minutes—a vast improvement over manual QC and analysis that typically takes hours for larger sample sets and can create bottlenecks for laboratories that are continually striving to reduce turn-around times in producing quality results.

Read the latest press release here.

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