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Kitted Assays for Inherited Genetic Disorders

The AmplideX® suite of products solves unmet testing needs in inherited genetic disorders by leveraging expertise in reliable amplification of GC-rich and high homology target sequences like FMR1. Asuragen’s AmplideX technology lends accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity to analysis of other hard-to-amplify genetic targets and is designed for seamless integration with established laboratory equipment, ensuring accessibility and ease of adoption. Assays and included data reporting solutions are designed with labs in mind to optimize efficiency, reduce hands-on time, and minimize costs. Driven by the pursuit of unraveling the complexities of inherited genetic disorders, Asuragen’s AmplideX technology empowers you to provide better answers.


Webinar: Comprehensive Yet Streamlined Genetic Testing with AmplideX Technology


Many of our AmplideX kits share a streamlined, complementary workflow which is optimized for use on widely established laboratory equipment. If you are looking for a more automated solution, see our AGG Testing Services.


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