Using a uniform workflow with a standardized NGS-in-a-Box reagent set, we have been able to create a highly sensitive, reproducible and easy-to-use approach to NGS for both new method development and laboratory implementation. The QuantideX® NGS Pan Cancer Kit* and the QuantideX® NGS RNA Lung Cancer Kit* (coming soon) demonstrate Asuragen’s ability to rapidly develop and commercialize a broad range of tests against diverse RNA and DNA targets, including fusions, mutations and expression markers.

NGS in a Box workflow

Our unique NGS-in-a-Box™ approach addresses key laboratory challenges:

Labor Utilization
Optimized workflow minimizes costs and releases valuable resources for other tasks

TAT Pressure
Improved workflow and simplified assay design significantly reduces time to result, freeing up valuable sequencing time

Results Quality
Built in IVT control and “Sample-Aware™” software solution reduces contamination, error and sample-loss risk

Learn more about the products that utilize our NGS-in-a-Box approach:
QuantideX NGS Pan Cancer Kit*
QuantideX NGS RNA Lung Cancer Kit*
*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Watch the video to learn more: Integration of Wet and Dry Bench Processes Optimizes Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing of Low-Quality and Low-Quantity Tumor Biopsies

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