Armored RNA & DNA Quant

The gold standard in customized, target-specific controlsArmored RNA and DNA Quant® products are incorporated into many of the major commercial molecular infectious disease assays. They can be deployed as controls at all stages of a molecular testing workflow from extraction to detection and serve as total process controls for your molecular assays.

The versatile, stable and non-infectious nature of Armored RNA and DNA Quant controls makes them usable across all stages of an assay’s lifecycle, from early development to routine clinical use.

Reduced Complexity

  • Virtually any nucleic acid sequence can be encapsulated as a control, offering unique, consistent assay controls across a wide range of targets
  • Safe, synthetic and non-infectious controls simplify shipping and storage, maximizing cost savings

Optimized Workflow

  • Customizable manufacturing, from development to full cGMP manufacturing lots, providing end-to-end continuity of control material and scalability to support all assay stages from concept to clinical use
  • Degradation resistance in the majority of biological matrices and compatible with most RNA and DNA-based clinical assays after sample extraction or heat-lysis, ensuring suitability in most assays with minimal workflow disruption

Quality Performance

  • Highly standardized, quality controlled manufacturing conditions, providing reliability and product consistency over time
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