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AMP 2023

Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) 2023 Annual Meeting

November 14 - 18, 2023

Salt Lake City, Utah

Visit Asuragen, a Bio-Techne brand at Booth #1311 and join us at these sessions to learn how our products & services can empower you to provide better answers.

Asuragen Corporate Workshops

Simple, Sensitive, and Scalable: QuantideX® Suite of Assays for Targeted MRD Monitoring of Leukemic Fusions

November 15, 11:00 am, Room 251F

For highly sensitive detection of leukemic fusions using widely available qPCR equipment, Asuragen’s QuantideX qPCR BCR-ABL* kits offer IVD or RUO testing capabilities for molecular laboratories of any size. Learn about key features of these assays and see real-world performance data.


Holli M. Drendel, PhD, FACMGG
Director, Molecular Pathology
Laboratory Carolinas Pathology Group


*For Research use only.

AmplideX® to the Rescue: One easy-to-implement test workflow enabling repeat expansion resolution, copy number assessment, and highly multiplexed variant detection.

November 15, 12:00 pm, Room 251F

Asuragen’s simple and scalable AmplideX technology, the gold standard for FMR1 analysis, has been expanded to cover other repeat disorder genes, copy number assays, and highly multiplexed variant detection. This workshop will report the experience of a clinical lab that adopted the AmplideX SMN1/2 Plus Kit* for detection of SMN1 and SMN2 copy numbers and genetic variants.


Sarah S. Murray, PhD, FACMG
Clinical Professor, Department of Pathology
Director, Medical Genetics and Genomics University of California San Diego


*For Research use only.

FREE Professional Headshots!

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Stop by booth #1311 on Thursday & Friday during exhibit hours to get yours.


Asuragen Poster Presentations

Visit these posters to learn about molecular diagnostic advances.

Impact of Variants of Varying Clinical Consequence in Underrepresented Populations and Implications for a Minimum Variant Set for Pan-Ancestry Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screening



Brian Haynes, PhD, CSO, Asuragen & Head of Bioinformatics, Molecular Diagnostics Division

Friday, November 17th, 9:15am -10:15am

Accurate Genotyping of Complex, Clinically-Relevant Variants in 11 Hard-to-Decipher Genes by Combining Novel PCR Chemistries with Any-Length Nanopore Sequencing for Carrier Screening



Brennan Greenlee, MS, Sr. Research Associate, Asuragen

Friday, November 17th, 9:15am -10:15am.

Development of a Novel Exosome-based, Multiplexed RT-qPCR Technology for Rapid and Accurate Detection of Circulating Tumor Acquired Resistance Variants in ESR1 at ≤ 0.1% Frequency

Solid Tumors


Julie Thibert, MS, Scientist, Asuragen

Friday, November 17th, 9:15am -10:15am.

Prototype RT-qPCR PML:RARA Reagents and a Commercial PML-RARA Kit Yield Highly Correlated Results



Ila Wolf, PhD, Scientist, Asuragen

Saturday, November 18th, 9:15am -10:15am

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic procedures.

Asuragen Reception

RSVP for Asuragen's Customer Reception

Join us for a buffet style dinner & drinks in a unique, artistic atmosphere

Franklin Ave Cocktails & Kitchen

231 S Edison St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Distance from Conv Center: 4 minute drive or 12 minute walk

Wednesday, November 15 at 6:00 PM


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