BCR-ABL Webinar Series

Please join us for our three-part webinar series on advances in the management of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients and what the implications are for BCR-ABL transcript monitoring based on these developments.


7 October | 14:00-15:00 GMT

The Evolution of CML Patient Care and the Promise of Treatment-Free Remission

Prof. Dr. Med. Martin Müller
Hematologist, Oncologist
CEO, Institute for Hematology and Oncology (IHO GmbH)

  • Brief history of CML patient care and the emergence of new and improved treatments
  • New frontiers in patient management and the promise of treatment-free remission
  • Implications for laboratories conducting BCR-ABL testing


23 October | 15:00 – 16:00 GMT

Analytical Validation of a BCR-ABL1 Monitoring System that Surpasses Current Testing Requirements

Justin Brown, PhD
Principal Scientist


  • Review of the clinical expectations for BCR-ABL monitoring
  • Overview of the QuantideX® qPCR BCR-ABL IS Kit
  • Discussion of key analytical validation studies and performance data and how the assay aligns to clinical needs


11 November | 15:00 -16:00 GMT

How the QuantideX® qPCR BCR-ABL IS Kit Provides a Simple, Sensitive, and Scalable BCR-ABL Monitoring Solution for Our Laboratory

Guy Wayne Novotny, PhD
Director of Hematology / Molecular Pathology Departments,

Herlev Hospital

  • Effect of evolving patient management on BCR-ABL testing expectations
  • Motivation for adopting the QuantideX qPCR BCR-ABL IS Kit
  • How the assay enables the lab to meet the needs of clinicians, patients, and the laboratory — both today and tomorrow
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