Asuragen to join leading UK cancer research consortium to develop miRNA based sequencing tests for early detection and screening of cancer

Austin, Texas – January 12, 2015 Asuragen, Inc., a leading molecular diagnostic company, has been selected to work with the Early Diagnosis Consortium (EDC), a collaboration between Cancer Research UK, Cancer Research Technology, and Abcodia. The Consortium aims to discover and validate serum biomarkers that may be used in screening and early detection of cancer.

Asuragen will use its proprietary small RNA sequencing workflow and bioinformatics pipeline that has been optimized specifically for identification of miRNA, isomiRs, and other similarly sized small ncRNA candidate biomarkers from biofluid samples. This work will support EDC’s discovery of circulating miRNA biomarkers that could lead to diagnostics for early detection of malignancies across colorectal, lung, esophageal, and pancreatic cancers.

“The promise of detecting cancer in its earliest phases with innovative diagnostic tests is very exciting,” said Matt McManus, President and CEO of Asuragen. “Our ability to take products from the research bench to the market, coupled with our unique capabilities around miRNAs, positions us to support the discovery and development of such innovative diagnostic tests and, ultimately, their global commercialization.”

Asuragen’s small RNA solution uniquely addresses some of the most challenging analytical aspects of microRNA biomarker discovery for early-stage cancer detection: quantification of known and novel microRNAs; identification of isomiRs; and achievement of tighter data over a wider dynamic range than other current non-sequencing-based options.


About Asuragen
Asuragen is a molecular diagnostics company driving better patient management in oncology and genetic disorders through best-in-class clinical testing solutions. The company uses a breadth of technologies and scientific talent to discover, develop and commercialize diagnostic products for clinical laboratories and for our Bio/Pharma partners. Asuragen’s development of innovative diagnostic products will help transform medicine by improving clinical outcomes and health economics.

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