Female doctor examining a patient

Asuragen Brand Guidelines

Protecting Our Brand

We communicate our brand through the words we write and say, as well as through the visual elements we employ—such as our logo, typography, color palettes and imagery. How we use these elements has a direct impact on how others perceive us—as well as how we perceive ourselves.

These guidelines have been carefully developed to ensure that our brand personality is maintained and enhanced through all communications. These rules enable internal teams and external partners to create Asuragen visuals that support and reinforce a consistent message—clearly showing that we are driven to find solutions that positively impact patients, providers, researchers and communities.

As a brand steward, it is your responsibility to maintain the integrity of Asuragen and what we stand for.

If you have questions or would like someone from the brand team to review the guidelines with you, please contact: marketing@asuragen.com.

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