John Goldman Conference 2020

CML Patients Deserve Better Answers

Targeted therapies have dramatically improved outcomes for patients with CML, who now experience a near-normal life expectancy. Optimizing these outcomes is dependent on routine, sensitive molecular monitoring.

For clinicians and their patients, the best molecular results are delivered by tests with a demonstrated track record of performance. The QuantideX® qPCR BCR-ABL IS1 2 and minor Kits1 3 enable quantification of Major (e13a2, e14a2) and minor (e1a2) BCR-ABL1 mRNA transcripts with highly sensitive, accurate, and precise results.

Not all tests are created equal. Choosing the right test is essential. 

Visit our virtual booth at the 22nd Annual John Goldman e-Conference on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia to learn more about our QuantideX® qPCR BCR-ABL portfolio.

Detailed Product Information

QuantideX® qPCR BCR ABL IS Kit Website
QuantideX® qBCR BCR-ABL minor Kit Website

Scientific Posters

Enhancing Management of Ph+ ALL by Monitoring with an Analytically Validated Multiplex Assay for BCR-ABL1 minor Breakpoint (e1a2) with Highly Sensitive Detection of 1:40,000 (0.0025% or 4.6 Logs)

Validation of a Complete Solution for BCR-ABL1 Monitoring of Both Major and Minor Breakpoints that Reports ABL1 Copy Number

Validation of BCR-ABL1 Test Performance from Whole Blood Stored up to 72 Hours Facilitates Operational Flexibility and Expanding Locally Managed CML Monitoring

Scientific Publication

J Mol Diagn. 2019 Jul;21(4):718-733. Analytical Validation of a Highly Sensitive, Multiplexed Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Monitoring System Targeting BCR-ABL1 RNA


Developments in CML Patient Management and its Impact on Monitoring: Analytical Validation of a BCR-ABL 1 Monitoring System that Surpasses Current Testing Requirements

Additional Resources

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Physician Flyer

  CE-IVD for US export only  |  2  FDA-cleared for in vitro diagnostic use  |  3  For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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