Asuragen Launches the AmplideX® PCR/CE TOMM40 Kit1 Expanding Portfolio into the Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Impairment Space

AUSTIN, Texas − March 14, 2017 − Asuragen, Inc., a global molecular diagnostics company, announced today the availability of the AmplideX® PCR/CE TOMM40 Kit1 for research use only to advance studies of neurodegeneration, dementia progression, and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

AD is the most common cause of dementia worldwide with over 46 million people now living with the disease. These numbers are expected to increase dramatically over the next 15 years, to nearly 75 million. Even at current levels, in the US alone there are greater than 5 million people suffering from AD and an annual care spend in excess of $236 billion.

“Defeating Alzheimer’s disease will require a fuller understanding of its biology, which will lead in turn to better diagnostics and treatments,” said Russell Swerdlow, MD, Director of the University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Center. “A spectrum of data increasingly suggests impaired mitochondria and cell bioenergetic function may play a critical role. To this end, genetic and functional studies raise the possibility that a poly-T length polymorphism in the TOMM40 gene may influence AD risk. Investigators seeking to study TOMM40 poly-T and AD associations would benefit from a reliable and practical genotyping assay.”

The launch of the AmplideX® PCR/CE TOMM40 Kit1 provides researchers with the first ever, easy to use, reproducible, and accurate tool that can help unlock the potential value of the TOMM40 gene in AD. The kit builds on the success of Asuragen’s AmplideX® PCR/CE FMR1 and C9orf72 Kits1, enabling researchers to overcome the challenges of high homology sequences and reveal definitive genotypes from repetitive DNA.

“The expansion of Asuragen’s unique PCR chemistries to the Alzheimer’s space demonstrates our continued commitment to providing clinical researchers with the tools necessary to address the most complex and difficult-to-analyze targets in the genome,” said Matthew McManus, MD, PhD, President and CEO of Asuragen. “Our TOMM40 poly-T polymorphism kit provides researchers with the ability to investigate this marker’s utility in risk assessment and prediction of disease progression in AD.”

1For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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