Life Technologies appoints Asuragen as a Certified Service Provider for Ion Torrent’s Personal Genome Machine

Asuragen launches Next Generation Sequencing Services for Pharmacogenomic Research specializing in FFPE tissue samples

Austin, Texas – February 2, 2012. Asuragen, Inc. announced today it has been appointed a Certified Service Provider (CSP) by Life Technologies (NASDAQ: LIFE) for Ion Torrent’s Personal Genome Machine (PGM). The Ion Torrent CSP Program is designed to assure customers that Asuragen has been trained and tested by Ion Torrent in the use of its semiconductor sequencing technology to produce high quality sequence data.

Asuragen will now offer comprehensive targeted DNA mutation analysis of tumor samples to identify both known and de novo mutations within FFPE and FNA specimens. Services will include both Asuragen’s SuraSeq™ custom cancer panels and the Ion AmpliSeq™ cancer panel. By offering the most in-depth characterization of somatic changes in cancer samples, Asuragen’s suite of validated services for FFPE and FNA samples will improve the capability to advance both clinical research programs for its pharmaceutical and biotech customers.

Ion Torrent has revolutionized DNA sequencing by offering a system based on semiconductor technology that demonstrates speed, scalability, and simplicity relative to other sequencing platforms. The Ion Torrent CSP Program expands the opportunities available for scientists to take advantage of the speed and affordability of next generation sequencing.

“Asuragen has been an early adopter of the PGM platform and we are pleased to have this innovative company as one of our certified service providers,” said Maneesh Jain, Vice President Marketing and Business Development of Life Technologies.

“Our commitment to quality and innovative technologies is what inspired us to become an Ion Torrent CSP. The PGM next generation sequencing allows us to expand our proven platform of molecular sample interrogation to assist our customers in their targeted drug and diagnostic development programs,” said Carol Berry, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Asuragen’s Pharmacogenomic Services Division.

About Asuragen Services

Unique in the industry, the Asuragen Services team members are experts in providing comprehensive solutions that aid in the research and development of novel drugs and companion diagnostic tests for personalized medicine. The Asuragen Pharmacogenomic Services Division provides a comprehensive range of molecular services including analyte isolation/preparation from multiple sample types, genomic profiling, targeted deep sequencing, miRNA/mRNA expression profiling, biomarker discovery, assay design and validation, CLIA-based clinical testing, bioinformatics, and regulatory and project management services. Catering to Pharma and Biotech clients, Asuragen delivers solutions for routine research and drug development through companion diagnostics. To find out more about our services please visit

About Asuragen

Asuragen is a fully integrated molecular diagnostic company and pharmaceutical services provider. Asuragen is empowered with a high level of expertise from its Ambion heritage to provide science driven solutions for novel assay development, CLIA and GLP testing services, which, combined with established cGMP manufacturing capabilities, allow it to span the spectrum of discovery, production and commercialization for novel personalized tests and companion diagnostics. The Company’s product portfolio consists of the first-ever validated microRNA diagnostic test service for pancreatic cancer, multiplex quantitative RNA-based assays, break-through solutions for the detection of the fragile X mental retardation gene (FMR1), Signature® Oncology products for the qualitative detection of gene translocations and mutations, cGMP RNA tissue stabilization based upon RNALater® technology*, and industryleading controls and standards engineered using its patented Armored RNA® technology. In addition, Asuragen offers a full range of contract manufacturing services for high quality QSR compliant reagents from plasmid DNA to in vitro synthesized RNA and complex assays for IVD cleared platforms. Asuragen is dedicated to developing new technologies that will become cutting edge clinical products.

More information is available at the Company’s website:

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