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Asuragen has researched and published extensively in genetics, oncology, molecular diagnostics, and technology advancements for over 15 years. These publications, posters, and white papers cover various disease areas and their related genes including fragile X (FMR1), spinal muscular atrophy (SMN1/SMN2), cystic fibrosis (CFTR), and chronic myeloid leukemia (BCR-ABL1). They show the power of detecting and interpreting molecular alterations using AmplideX and QuantideX technologies as well as the value of Molecular Quality Controls and companion diagnostics collaborations to deliver new insights and advance precision medicine. Simply search by term, filter by category, or use both to find your area of interest.

We’re driven to provide people with better answers, so we ensure our products are supported by reliable data and backed by rigorous science. Dive into these publications to learn more.

Molecular Controls for SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A/B Testing in Microchip-based RT-PCR Test Systems
Sikander Gill, Rajwant Gill, Natallia Varankovich, Irina Gelimson, Chandanee Dancey, Kelly Jackson, Steven Bailey, Emoni Robinson, Frank Hui, Andre Brown, Richard Elliott, Maxim Slyadnev, and Deepa Eveleigh
Reverse Transcription Cycling Achieves Greater Than 100% cDNA Conversion With Implications For Ultra-High Sensitivity of Clinically-Actionable, Oncogenic RNA Mutations
Melissa Church, Rebecca Rinehart, Shobha Gokul, Liangjing Chen, Stela Filipovic-Sadic, and Gary J Latham
A Streamlined PCR/Nanopore Sequencing Carrier Screening Panel for Cystic Fibrosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and Fragile X Syndrome
Jon Kemppainen, Pranesh Rao, Julie R Thibert, Walairat Laosinchai-Wolf, Ryan Routsong, Ted Markulin, Monica Roberts, Bradley Martin, Bryan Killinger, Chris Fraher, Gary J Latham, and Bradley Hall
Recommendations for Interpreting and Reporting Silent Carrier and Disease-Modifying Variants in SMA Testing Workflows
John N. Milligan, Laura Blasco-Pérez, Mar Costa-Roger, Marta Codina-Solà, and Eduardo F. Tizzano
Dried Blood Spot Testing with AmplideX® SMA Plus* Kit Resolves SMN1 and SMN2 Exon 7 Copy Numbers and More
Sarah Edelmon, Walairat Laosinchai-Wolf, Laura Blasco-Pérez, Mar Costa-Roger, Ivon Cuscó, Gary J Latham, Eduardo F Tizzano, and John N Milligan
A Genetic Enrichment Strategy for Delay of Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials
MW Lutz, DK Burns, R Alexander, M Culp, D Yarnall, S Haneline, C Chiang, E Lai, C Metz, S Sundseth, T Guennel, S Marshall, BF Andruss, GJ Latham, B Hall, SN Statt, T Swanson, E Ratti and AM Saunders
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